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Best Colleges 2019: Find the Best Colleges for You! 2019年最佳大学:为您找到最好的大学!

Best Colleges 2019: Find the Best Colleges for You! 2019年最佳大学:为您找到最好的大学!

The 2019 edition of U.S. News’s famous Best Colleges guidebook is the indispensable navigator for high school students and their families seeking comprehensive advice on how to research their college choices, draw up a smart shortlist of schools, put together a slam-dunk application, and find the money to pay the bills.Learn about programs – from “first-year experiences” to study abroad to learning communities – that can enrich your college career, the many ways to wow the admissions office, and how the financial aid process really works. Read how colleges are expanding mental health services and addressing sexual assault on campus. And explore promising alternative paths to a bachelor’s that can run through community colleges or involve opting for an online degree.Plus: U.S. News’ latest rankings of the nation’s best universities, liberal arts colleges, regional colleges and universities, historically black institutions, and undergraduate engineering and business programs.Also:• Discover a range of hot college majors that are poised for growth – plus, how to “robot-proof” your career in the age of automation• Hear how 8 recent Arizona high school grads navigated the admissions process• Take a road trip with U.S. News to 12 colleges and universities across Vermont, Illinois and Florida• Interested in business or engineering? U.S. News examines the intriguing ways schools are revamping their programs to teach creativity and communication skills along with technical know-how• Get expert advice on how to land a great financial aid package and limit your borrowing• Browse our state-by-state directory profiling over 1,600 schoolsNote: Advertisements from universities and other reputable organizations enable us to offer this valuable guidebook at an affordable price. Advertisements do not influence current or future rankings.

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